Concept Inception

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    Professional monitoring services

    Security systems can vary from the basic 8 zone system having a few motion detectors to advanced systems which cover large homes and buildings with motion detectors, door and window sensors, beam break sensors to outdoor spaces, and integrated to code pads and finger print readers.

    Intercoms and security cameras can add peace of mind and provide coverage in case of theft and break-ins. Most security system business's focus on selling a system to generate revenue from monitoring.

    We at Zentec, focus on the client and how security, access control and cameras will add comfort and peace of mind to everyday life.

    Monitoring can be either via a professional monitoring service, or simple alerts sent to the clients phone and email to record events. As always a client centric approach delivers the best results.

    The systems we use are:

    • Ness M1
    • Concept Integriti
    • Concept¬†Inception

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