Work from home and school from home, how is that working for you?

With the dramatic events and effects of COVID19 life has changed. For years we have heard about the coming revolution of the digital age. I remember the term “information superhighway” being thrown around in the late 90’s and how much better life will be when it happens.  

The marketing of the NBN in more recent times of every family member in a different room of the house interacting with different digital services is more accurate. The last few months have taken us all crashing into the new digital age.  While there are many lifestyle positives of not traveling so much and being close to family and friends rather than being on the road, the access to services has proven to be a bottle neck.

We at Zentec have been providing digital connection solutions for a decade and are the right people to solve your digital problems. Our work over the past 6 months has revolved around dealing with internet service quality, replacing low grade data switches and Wi-Fi with commercial grade products to deliver the digital world into home and small business.

We use OVRC products as a key component to measure internet service quality and remote service the data network and digital services.  This small simple and relatively cheap device has been pivotal in getting better internet from the ISP in a number of our client's homes.

NBN Fibre optic
NBN Fibre Optic
NBN Copper Cables
NBN Copper Cables
Fixed Wireless NBN
Fixed Wireless NBN

The images show a client connected by fiber optic, copper cable NBN and fixed wireless NBN. The fixed wireless NBN solution has been under large stress and is reflected in the poor service results for some clients.  

The resulting data has given the client the leverage with the ISP to get their internet service improved.

The OVRC interface via the app empowers the client to monitor their network quality and see what is happening in real time.